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The decision of whether to use or not use the methods, information or advice contained on this site is solely up to you. The author, associates and Protective Strategies accept no responsibility for injuries sustained or inflicted, or damage of any sort that may occur as a result of reading or following the instructions given here.

Much of the information on this site deals with handling risky, volatile and violent situations. There can be no guarantees about the outcomes or influences of human behavior. However, the concepts and principles contained in this information are sound, reasonable and can impact the outcome of volatile events in a positive way.

I have no way of evaluating your level of health, fitness or skill. With any physical activity there is a risk of injury from accidents or over exertion. If you are not of sound health, or are unaware of your health status, I strongly recommend that you get a thorough medical check up before engaging in physical training programs recommended here or anywhere else.

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